Toronto Flower Market Rebrand

Branding . Typography . Corporate Identity
The Toronto Flower Market is an annual, seasonal outdoor market that showcases local farmers, growers and florists. The market typically starts in May and happens once or twice a month until October. It allows locals to shop in season flowers, veggies, as well as fresh produce and products from local farmers and growers all Spring/Summer.

The purpose and goal of this project was to create a more cohesive and instantly recognizable logo and style that captured both the personality and community of the Toronto Flower Market. If you know of or follow the Toronto Flower Market, you will notice the lack of branding used in their social media, promotions and events. However, they are consistent with creating and emulating a very whimsical and playful feeling inspired by the colours, shapes and forms of the flowers and blooms of Spring and Summer; something I think is a core piece in Toronto Flower Market’s branding and was an essential concept to incorporate into the rebrand.

This proposed rebrand encompasses the Toronto Flower Market’s fun personality through the use of some quirky type and form combinations. The proposed type is complimented with an earth toned colour palette that is both playful yet subdued enough not to become overwhelming when paired with bold type; allowing for both contrast and cohesion. Within the primary and alternative logos, there is emphasis placed on the main symbol of the Toronto Flower Market, the flower, which is a combination of the asterisks from the two typefaces used in the brand.
The flower symbol is featured throughout all branded pieces and logos, and fulfills the role of being the defining and recognizable symbol for the brand.
Instagram Posts 2000px x 2000px
Stickers 2" x 2"
Totebags 13" x 15"
May 2020
3 Days
I began my process with collecting as much content that was created by the Toronto Flower Market, both in physical and digital forms. I noticed that their main form of digital content was promotional for each upcoming event, otherwise they were very photography based. Looking at each series of promotional posts, I could see there was some consistency in the typography, as well as the type of visuals being used; lots of illustrative florals in bright colours, which I think is appropriate for the growing season.

I also looked into their physical products which mainly included signage, tote bags, prints and bouquet stickers (stickers used to seal the wrapping of a flower bouquet). Like their digital content the style changes yearly, and is cohesive with the digital branding of that year.

Overall, I wanted to take many of the repeating concepts and aspects the Toronto Flower Market was using and reusing and create one cohesive brand that would be able to allow for a showcase of local artists (which they proudly support with their artwork) but was cohesive and able to be recognized much more easily.
Concept Creation
I wanted to create two very different concepts that would include the fun and quirky personality of Toronto Flower Market into a brand but in separate ways. The first concept played much more with bright, playful and contrasting colour with a traditional serif style typographic pairing. The second concept proposed expressive and eclectic type with fun shapes and forms and a slightly more muted colour palette.
I began creating a one colour logo in each style, playing with and deciding which type combinations I was most drawn to. I also looked at the asterisks of each typeface and font and played with their shapes to create the symbol of the Toronto Flower Market.

Once I decided what would be the flower symbol, primary and alternative logo I began experimenting with the colour scheme and combinations within each concept. I also explored sequence and patterning and different applications of visuals.

At this point I decided the second concept would fit the best, having a very 70s, groovy vibe fit much better than the first concept, and began finalizing the brand concept, its application, uses, and possible digital and physical content.
Alternative Concept
Even with its bold and quirky colour scheme, this concept felt too editorial for the Toronto Flower Market, though it was fun thinking of ways of applying this brand and exploring its fun colours. Though I did not think this concept would be best suited for the brand, I wanted to slightly develop and explore it further and play with its possible applications as it is a style I greatly enjoy, and personally believe aligns closer to my personal design style.